GeoData for JSM Cloud

GeoData for JSM Cloud is a companion app to GeoData for Jira Cloud, which provides integration with Jira Service Management Cloud. It allows the GeoData Location custom fields to be displayed on the customer portal, enabling its users to provide geographical data with their requests.


The app can be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace. It requires the main GeoData app to also be installed.

After installation, you need to link the apps. To do so, go to the API information subpage of the main app’s admin page on the Manage your apps screen. Here you will find your API URL. Copy it, and go to the GeoData API settings subpage of GeoData for JSM Cloud’s admin page. Paste your URL into the API URL field and save the form. GeoData for JSM Cloud should now be correctly configured.


To display location fields on your JSM Customer portal, you first need to create GeoData Location custom fields, and then add them to your desired Request types.

To add your custom fields go to your service project’s Project settings page. From there, you have two options:

  1. Go to Request Types and select the request type you want to add your field to. Click the Issue view tab. Find your custom field and drag it into one of the sections of the Request form. Save your changes.

  2. Go to Issue types and select the issue type you want to add your field to. In the top right select Fields. At the bottom of the table, use the Select Field select box to find and add your field.

After following one of the methods above, your custom field should be shown on the chosen Request type on the Customer portal.