User Documentation

Getting started

This is an introduction and documentation of  Copy Comment for Jira. You will learn about basic concepts behind the plugin, and how to install and setup Copy Comment features.


The main purpose of the Copy Comment plugin is to keep your Jira users on track, typically, when you manage your product in multiple projects for different audiences.  Mainly, when you use Service Desk project for customer support and Core/Software project for product maintenance, you will benefit from reproducing all information from the customer to your developers, and saving time by posting comments back.

The concept behind the plugin is to create a copy of new comment from source issue in destination issue (based on issue link). Original and the copy then exists in its own lifecycle. You can control this behavior with definition of link types or projects. Author of the original comment does not need to have access to the destination issue.

In Service Desk projects, the plugin does copy fully automatically, so it does not require any attention from your customer. On the other hand, in Jira Core / Jira Software projects, the plugin displays an optional Copy Comment window.


Let's see how the plugin works in a few simple examples.

Copy Comment from Jira Software/Core issue into Service Desk issue

  1. Enable Copy Comment for at least one link type. Try the 'Relates' link type.

  2. In Jira administration, open your Apps and find Copy Comment section. Open Configuration, enable Relates link type and Save.

  3. Pick two issues linked together by Relates link. Or create a new one. Best, if you find one in the Service Desk project and one in the Core/Software project. Assume, the first issue is a New Feature Request and the second one is an User Story.

  4. Now, insert a new comment in User Story. When you click on Add, you should see a pop up window from Copy Comment. As a developer, you always have a control on which comments will be placed in the New Feature Request.

  5. There are some options:

    1. Share, the copy of comment will be visible for customers (same as Share with customer).

    2. With Internal, the comment will be marked as INTERNAL (same as Comment internally).

    3. By Dismiss, no copy will be made.

  6. Try to share the comment. Take a look into the New Feature Request. It should contain a copy of the original comment.

Copy Comment from Service Desk to Jira Software/Core issue

  1. If you are using Jira Service Management , copying is even simpler. Let's open the New Feature Request in Jira Service Management.

  2. Add a new comment to the New Feature Request.

  3. Jump back to the User Story. The copy has been done automatically. 

If you comment on an issue in the Service Desk project from standard Jira screen, you will see the same pop up option as after commenting the New Feature Request. 

That means - comments from Service Desk users are being transferred automatically. Otherwise you always have control whether you want to create a copy or not.


And what about attachments? No worries! Copy Comment will copy also attachments inside comments.

  1. Author of the copy of comment is always the same as in the original one. Even if he does not have user rights for the project or he is not a Service Agent.

  2. Copy of a comment exists in its own lifecycle. If you delete the original or link between, the copy will still exist.  

  3. Attachments in comments will be copied as well.


Notification on copied comment is triggered as usual. That means, if you have notifications on new comment turned on in your project notification scheme, you will receive also notifications on copied comments.

Advanced use cases and suggestions

Use Copy Comment to separate Service Desk and Developers.

You probably do not want to give all your developers access to the Service Desk. On the other hand, you want them to have all relevant information from the source issue.

Combine Copy Comment with plugins like ScriptRunner or Automation and:

  • Create a robocopy of any new issue from the Service Desk in a Jira Software project.

  • Set up a link. Of course, you don't have to stick with standard link types, choose and configure what is suitable for you!

  • All new comments from Service Desk will be also in Jira Software project.